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The Book Has Launched!

And I am glad to report that Tuesday’s event was a success, judging by the level of audience engagement, and the lively debate that ensued during the Q&A session afterwards. You can even see picturesvideo clip and blog coverage of the event by fellow BCS author, Mark Kobayashi-Hillary.

Jude Umeh Book Launch Lecture

It is encouraging to know that DRM, and the wider issues it touches, is far from dead as a subject of intense discussion, with opinions that range from a wide variety of personal and altruistic perspectives. The press release for the book also exhorts the need for engaging the end user in any future development towards a fair solution to the quagmire of Rights Management and the evolving digital content economy.

By the way, it would be interesting to get your opinion if you made it to the event. What did you think?

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