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Mashups incorporated

A major forthcoming event in the BCS North London Branch’s calendar is the CTO Talk by Andy Mulholland, Global CTO of Capgemini. This event provides a unique look at the concept of Mashups in the corporate world. Baffled? Read on to find out more…

First of all, a definition of the term ‘Mashup’ is in order. For those two readers who do not know the meaning of the phrase, a mashup refers to ‘a mixture of content or elements‘ that are combined to create a new (and often innovative) service from multiple sources. The application of mashups in the corporate world is so very ‘2.0’ (amazing how everything now gets that label don’t you think?).

Anyway, this talk will focus on how the rapid evolution of technology and business models are now making it imperative for corporations to make bold decisions in order to adapt and survive ‘the end of business as usual’.

Andy Mulholland is co-author of the book Mashup Corporations, and an expert with many years experience in this field. I will be attending this event with an eye to understanding how this mashup concept can be applied to the use of DRM in the corporate environment.

(Disclosure: I am a consultant and architect in Capgemini, and also a committee member of the BCS North London Branch as well as coordinator for this event!)

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