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Talking Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture has come a long way from what it used to be, but it is still evolving to meet the changing needs of a very fluid business and technology landscape. The question on most people’s lips, (aside from whatever next?), is how to ensure their businesses can continue to cope with this amount and pace of change?

This evening seminar, hosted by the BCS Enterprise Architecture Specialist Group, featured two speakers from Capgemini UK’s Technology Consulting team (see picture). The highly interactive session covered a lot of ground, including questions from the audience that touched on a wide variety of topics and perspectives on EA, such as:

  • Effective Enterprise Architecture in an Agile Environment
  • The real value of architecture frameworks
  • Enterprise Architecture in the context of Cloud Computing
  • The many faces / roles of an Enterprise Architect
  • And (my personal favourite) a legal challenge about the use of the term Architect!

Richard Noon & Rob Rowe talking Enterprise Architecture

Verdict: Good event. Well attended with high level of interaction between speakers and audience, and as one audience member put it afterwards, “this is the type of BCS event that I like to attend”. Nuff said!

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