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I Want My DRM!

Hah – that will be the day I hear you sniff with righteous contempt. But the truth is that some people do actually want that eventuality, and I’m not talking about old school music industry types, or their lawyers and political lobbyists. Instead I refer to the true visionaries and economic realists who may have only just begun to glimpse the true potential of our digital future. Welcome to the DRM Blog.

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, means different things to different people, most of which are contentious. However, looking beyond the current application of DRM to the future role of rights management technology in the digital content universe requires a pretty powerful telescope. The trick is to penetrate the fog of hype and misconception that surround this emotive topic and try to understand the real issues at the heart of content, and its legal use, in the rapidly evolving digital world.

This blog will comment on the many developments and issues surrounding digital content and DRM, and how they impact society at large; it will also explore the unique perspectives of the major stakeholder groups, and perhaps help indicate the way forward to the digital content economy of tomorrow. In any case, your comments will be most welcome, as it will help shape the overall position and direction taken by this blog, and I look forward to receiving it.


Note: This post originally published at: http://www.bcs.org/content/conBlogPost/47 

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