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RIAA legal actions – sometimes they bite back!

August 20, 2007 Leave a comment

Indeed they do, and according to, a woman in the USA has started a class action law suit against the combative Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) who she claims employed fraudulent means in gathering their evidence. It would seem that the legal sword can cut both ways after all.

In a recent post that touched on the RIAA’s legal (read ‘bully’) strategy, I stated that this eventuality may well occur if things (i.e. legal actions/threats) continued unchecked, and this prediction has been borne out by this class action. It may well just be only the beginning as more people take a stance against legal actions that ‘infringe’ on their personal liberties. It has always been my opinion that legal action should not take the place of other, more considered, approaches to resolving a problem. However, as with some of their past responses, the recording industry often appear to have added a dash of panic and desperation in their reaction to digital adversity.

So how long can they keep it up before they finally learn?

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